i’m home…..

left for hospital monday morning 5:45…..

got there, hung out.

had fun writing up my advanced directive which i hadn’t had a chance to finish before. “see that plug? pull it.” “you can hydrate me until i start biting and growling. use the green needles.” “forget the feeding tube.”

“if i cannot communicate with friends or particpate in this life, send me home and i’ll come back another time.”

i really really liked the form for the organ donation, where it said, “i understand that this gift becomes effective upon my death.” which, after enough robin cook and michael palmer novels, was quite heartening….

i feel as if i’ve had back surgery, but actually, no matter what position i’m in, i’m okay–it’s the transiting between that is the challenge. i can use/lift my left leg higher and with less pain that i’ve been able to in many months. i was up walking by monday night–walking is very fatiguing, but not terribly painful.

the only medical complication, if that, is that the iv blew early evening on monday–and i am notoriously difficult to start ivs on. one surgery was almost cancelled years ago because no one could start one–the only sure place to start one is the inner elbow, but all the elbow-bending makes that not the best for practical purposes……

so the one in my right outer arm blew–all swolled up and hot and looked like i was retaining that old fluid bubble….

took three people, and 9 sticks to get a new one going….. soon as they’d go in, the vein’d do a deep dive…. i told them they weren’t really veins they were seeing, i’d just drawn them on in crayons….. as soon as they’d send in the next person to try, all the little blue lines would appear….. i was sitting there suggesting clavicle lines…. we ended up with the old elbow draw after all….

biggest hassle was remembering that beds and chairs are higher than toidy seats–not that hard getting down to them, but that first trip up was scary, and i almost fell over. not a good thing to do first day out….

this hospital gives out neon pink armbands for people who are “fall risks,” which i have been my entire life, surgery or not….. so i think that’ll i’ll find my beads of that color and make a permanent one…..

wasn’t sure if i’d feel safe coming home to alone-ness; yesterday morning was pretty sure i wouldn’t…. but i had a really challenging CNA, who would let my IV alarm ring for between 10 and 25 minutes at a time, and that started an amazing increase in my healing powers….. truly, i got stronger all the time and was doing things on my own, and with pt’s help in terms of how it’d be at home–i mean, this IS the 3rd lumbar surgery, so i’m pretty good at making things accessible…..

didn’t get all the approvals from pt and my surgeon to go til late afternoon, which was fine, because by then i was quite confident about going home. jeanette had some meetings at school, and one with an incoming resident, so she got over around 7:15; we got everything packed and all the discharge stuff done; went to get drugs, cinnamon rolls, soda and some other essentials–home, counted cats, refilled food and water bowls, called jean (she’s the only person whose phone number WASN’T on the puter…..)

went to bed. fell asleep before 11; got up at 10:30!

more later.

thanks for all your love and concern.

(oh, i seem to have some problems with platelets, so have a hematology consult set up for the 30th….. harrumph. trying to figure out which is worse: needing a hematology consult (oh, no, maybe i’ve gotten FeLV after all these years!), or a cardiac one????? after all these years, i finally found out my blood type, and a universal receiver, so that’s not a problem at least!)

Upcoming Back Surgery: June 23rd

as some of you know, the other cause of my falling down stairs (other than the usual, genetic klutziness, one) has been discovered: it really WASN’T my imagination about that left leg of mine being really weak for the past few years…

yes, i have yet another herniated disc, this one even higher than the first two, which were already a few levels higher than normal people get ruptures. you can see it quite clearly on the pretty little mri pictures, and as it has gotten progressively worse since February, despite various treatment modalities (yeah, been reading too much of that medical lit), including lots of injections at the local pain clinic, we’re off to surgery.

Which is really okay with me, as living the way I have been really hasn’t been fun, nor really much of an option for long term.

I just have an enormous amount of work to do re: making the house accessible. (Why do I have to make it accessible, someone asked…. well, I’m not talking ramps or anything, I’m talking about making sure all the clutter is out of the way so I don’t trip on anything, and that all the boxes that I’ve been packing of things to garage-sale or give away, or even move someplace someday all have tight lids so the cats don’t go shopping in them…. and making sure all the laundry is done, and all the water bottles are up high enough that I can get to them to water the cats and I (tap water here isn’t drinkable), and seeing that the fridge and freezer are full, and that I have bulk feeders for the kits–THAT kind of accessible….)

Will probably foster Fiona and Harrison out for a week or so: pack your bags, guys, you’re going to sleep-away camp! Mostly because they are both obnoxious twits who will neither move out of my way, nor stay off of places they don’t belong–like the middle of my desk, the middle of my small slice of the bed, etc. I have a hard enough time moving them in the best of times because they are both cats-of-great-size, and I don’t want to have to explain to my surgeon why I just ruined all his work by falling over a mainely-clown cat.

Can’t imagine how I’m gonna stay off the puter, the web, and out of rescue for long. When I had the shoulder done, the sling was at such an angle that I was back within 48 hours–I’m sure I will figure out some way to get back as soon as humanely possible….. Plan on using this blog thingee, however, as the early-days communication medium, so sign up for email notices. (I cannot believe I have come to the point where I can be subscribed to…… As Ruthie would say, “Oy, Jesus.”)

Expect I’ll be madly busy this upcoming week, so if I don’t respond to an emeow or a comment, forgive me…

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if the food don’t get you,

the DISHES will….

this would be funny if, well, it weren’t: Toxic China

look it up YOURSELF

i’m sorry, but what IS it with people who post to groups asking to find this or that rescue when one single search, using any search engine, would give them the answer? i’m not talking about OBSCURE sites here, i’m talking about things like, oh, “how do i find the Pink Cat Rescue located at 1432 main street in east podunk, WV. does anyone have the contact info?” with that amount of detail, your CATS can look it up for you–and people who have far better things to do than look things up for you (like find homes for five possibly FeLV-positive kittens) won’t have to.

clearly, this is another rant.

let us help the ones who really need it–there’s enough hard-to-find stuff out there, after all, on top of real live animals to save.

bitch bitch bitch bitch BITCH.

what i’ve been up for the past, well, 9 months or so…

lots of legal hassles; finally showing light at the end of that tunnel (as opposed to the proverbial headlight-of-oncoming-train)–don’t quit your day jobs tho quite yet, as i’ll probably still need your help in paying my bills.

changes in the population: priscilla and missy, shaded-silvers, came to stay as fosters last august…. their human had died, and her daughter had promised mom to keep them together…. unfortunately, that meant putting them into a room for four years and giving them food, water and litter. no attention, no affection. poor dears. a neighbor in rescue finally convinced the daughter that this was not honoring her mother’s wishes. (hmmm, that pattern again.) priscilla is mom, she’s almost eleven now, all four-paw declawed. very sweet, and very very affectionate on her own terms. missy is her daughter, and is another cat altogether…. she’s almost nine years old, front-declawed, and HATES me and the house i rode in on. (actually, she’s just terrified of trusting again, but it works out to be the same thing.) they are in the front room with lacey susan, who isn’t bothered by them because, being persians, they aren’t really cats…. (they panicked when i tried to let them out into the big wide house–just too much for them.) missy is healthy, as is evidenced by the times when i try to insist that she let me pet her and she uses her teeth and rear claws to delineate her escape route…. sigh. so much for fosters, eh?

brendan had what turned out to be a stroke in mid-december; he recovered enough to enrich my life for another two months tho i realized that every minute was a gift. (we all would say, “wow, brendan’s doing awfully well for a dead cat, isn’t he?”) he woke me up very early in the morning on february 17, 2008, to say goodbye as he went to join all his furriends, and went home lying in my arms. fly sweetly dear brendan–and PLEASE don’t take off the training wings, you know what a klutz you are!

and lorelei is a year old! oh, my… she seems to me much healthier than when she was younger, and has finally had her first heat (this is something to celebrate? in a FeLV, it can be!)–she’s healthy enough to spay, which she was NOT when she was the age i usually would have done so, and i’m far more confident that she may have thrown the virus off. we’ll do an IFA when she’s spayed. but really, like i’m gonna throw her out if she’s still positive?

the neighbors remain obnoxious, and as my patience frays, so does my distance from the day i’m gonna have to call the cops and explain that i’ve killed them, that i’m sorry, but the crossbow slipped and i hadn’t realized it was loaded….

haven’t been able to do anywhere near as much rescue work as i’d like to, because of the worries involved with all the legal stuff. hiss spit, as they say.

music–ah, music. will cover that one in a bit. suffice it to say that i’ve downloaded 3.3gigs in the past two days….

that’s it for now; some other major stuff, but mostly wanted to say that, yes, i still exist. hopefully, you all do, as well.

special thanks to all the friends who have kept me going…

our newest cat: in honor of earth day


ava and the others….

this is ava: ava

she’s five weeks old now, and is just visiting for a week or so.

she’s an orphaned CH kitty (Cerebellar Hypoplasia, and more info can be found at CH Kitty Club), and like most, her spirit is amazing. she hasn’t a clue that there’s anything wrong with her–so she wobbles a lot, and spends more time fallen over than standing up. “what’s yur poynt, hoomin? i CYOOT!”

here’s a photo of her this morning, right after her morning goat’s milk/pediatlyte supplement (she eats solid food, but hasn’t figured out how to do liquids yet–perhaps because she can’t hold them as she can food.) cassidy and amelia are whispering to each other that THEY were certainly never that small….

wow, she’s tiny!

lorelei gazes out the window, wondering

looking out the window

sure hope the answer is yes. just this week, emailed with folks about THREE felv+ purrsians. those were just the ones in the part of the country where i had contacts.


squeee-n of the house

baby FeLV

look what’s in the front room!

she’s about 11- or 12-weeks old, a pastel calico baby. (pastel is the CaLiCo-approved term for dilute, which they consider a derogatory term. more on that later.)

she’s also tested FeLV positive on a snap test. she was on her way to the FIV/FeLV sanctuary where i used to live/work, but, well, she sort of got kittun-napped. i’ve got that extra room, after all, the one that used to be the nursery/foster room, and i’ll just post her on all the FeLV and special-needs lists and either keep her til we can retest her with the IFA, or can find her a forever home….

she hasn’t told me her name yet.


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